Friday, 1 April 2011

Dunstable pt 11

I don't think this page is so successful. For one thing, this part of the story is difficult to get across without captions or text - Peter feels hungry, asks Dunstable if he can conjure up a meal, Dunstable can do nothing about it and so Peter decides it's time to go home in case you're wondering - but I think the visual flow of the page would have worked better with the characters the other way around. Unfortunately, by this stage I was already locked into a layout dictated by the previous pages, the same scale and POV throughout, with Dunstable stage left and Peter stage right, and to reverse them just for this page would have looked wrong.

I really should learn to do a bit of storyboarding before I embark on a project like this.

Hey ho, the final part's tomorrow.

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