Wednesday, 20 July 2011

touring italy by car

A slight re-working of a pre-existing illustration to create a dummy tour guide for Clementina Carosi's website. The Weltron Euroguides series never existed, but if it had, I'd have been sure to buy the complete series just to check out all the great illustrations by Nicholas Miller. Bless you, Les Editions Weltron, for all the work you gave this talented young illustrator!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Der Kleine Baron 3

OK, here's the next in the Little Baron series of illustrations:

I don't think the clouds have worked out and I may re-do them.

Der Kleine Baron 2

So here's the thing. A short while ago I coloured up an old sketchbook doodle I did of a fantastic catch-that-pigeon style biplane (see previous post) and I quite liked the way it worked out. Since then I've been wanting to extend the idea into a story, but I just couldn't think of a script. So I decided to go ahead and progress the sequence one illustration at a time, without any idea of where it will go. Here's the second image in the series:

I'll do the next and the one after that as and when I get the time and the inspiration. Which probably means never. Anyway, I want to see how far this goes.