Sunday, 17 April 2011

website image

This was intended for a self-promotion website Antonella and I were building, but we never got around to finishing it, and anyway we've had better ideas since then.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Clementina's business card

This is an illustration I did of and for our friend in Rome, Clementina Carosi.

And this is how I designed her business card.

If you happen to be in Rome, and you'd like a romantic evening in with your significant other, and you don't want the bother of preparing a candlelit dinner, Clementina will come to your home and cook it for you. She's really very good.

dunstable pt 12 Dunstable is himself a figment of Peter's imagination, see?

Friday, 1 April 2011

Fat lady sings

When I'm not busy, I do silly sketches. I've got lots of these...

Dunstable pt 11

I don't think this page is so successful. For one thing, this part of the story is difficult to get across without captions or text - Peter feels hungry, asks Dunstable if he can conjure up a meal, Dunstable can do nothing about it and so Peter decides it's time to go home in case you're wondering - but I think the visual flow of the page would have worked better with the characters the other way around. Unfortunately, by this stage I was already locked into a layout dictated by the previous pages, the same scale and POV throughout, with Dunstable stage left and Peter stage right, and to reverse them just for this page would have looked wrong.

I really should learn to do a bit of storyboarding before I embark on a project like this.

Hey ho, the final part's tomorrow.